Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is structured in a way so Jacqui can gain as much understanding of the you and your individual case as possible. The main health concern is addressed, with strong focus on the underlying cause of this health imbalance. Jacqui uses a series of questions to unravel the past and present health complaints, to then form a clear picture of the underlying cause. Jacqui will then execute a therapeutic treatment plan, where you will receive your own individually taylored “ Wellness Plan”. Herbs & Nutritional Medicine will be prescribed, along with lifestyle advice and ‘Food as Medicine’ implementation.

Depending on the case, further testing and investigations may be required, to gain more linear insight to the imbalance and underlying cause.

Appointment duration - 1 hour

Follow Up Consultations

By this second stage, we have already begun treating the underlying cause of your health complaint. If there was further testing done, this would have been analysed before this second consult, where the depth of treatment will proceed. By this time (3-4 weeks after your initial consult), you will begin to see and feel positive changes. Your follow up consultations can continue from anywhere between 3-6-12 months. This all depends on each individual person, what the health imbalance is and how compliant you are!

Appointment duration - 45 minutes

Treatment Outcome

This is highly individual. The treatment outcome can take longer in some, than others. This all depends on the presenting complaint, the individual, and level of dedicated compliance. The natural healing process can take time - this is important to remember.